Saturday, May 22, 2010

Interrelationship between population,environment and development

It is obvious that people depend on the environment to get things whatever they want . They think that the environment is unlimited resources. An increase of population demands more food,more shelter,more service and other facilities . As the population increases the use of environmental resources also increases. It force to initiate more development activities to meet the needs of people but people should not forget to conserve the environment along with the development works .It is necessary to maintain the balance between the population growth ,environmental resources and development work .The relationship of people , environment and development activities needs to be maintained and continued for keeping the environment a healthy habitat . Natural resources includes air ,water, land , forest, mine and others . People get their food from land . they use as their shelter. Forest is one of the important resources .People conduct different types of development activities to fulfill there needs and aspiration. The development activities includes physical , Socio-economic, cultural aspects . Conservation programmes should be integrated with the development work . Conducting the conservation programme will help in conservation of environment

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